" In the Balance: connecting mind, body and heart"


Susan Lambert

Susan is a teacher and a psychotherapist and has been in private practice for the last twenty years working with diverse people of all ages.

After gaining advanced degrees in psychotherapy from New York University and in teaching arts from University of the Arts, she began her journey to integrate psychological study with spiritual practice and the arts. The mantra underscoring her path has always been ‘to grow and learn with curiosity and focus’ ~  this is what she shares with others.

Susan is at the forefront of creating group workshops which are accessible and relevant in their scope and she is consistently expanding the reach of her practice into the global community through Skype therapy, online courses and live seminars.

Susan’s studies in yoga and Buddhist dharma, her travels throughout the world, and her immersion in working with people from different cultures continually inspire her life’s work of helping others bring their inner selves to vibrant health and buoyancy.

She is grateful to all her teachers, mentors and colleagues for their inspiration and life lessons!






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