Healthy Eating Made Easy with Anjali Shah


This week on In the Balance, Associate Producer Taryn talks with nutritionist and food blogger Anjali Shah about "picky eaters," roadblocks to healthy eating and how to overcome them, and why it's important to introduce healthy foods to children as early as possible.

Meet This Episode's Guest


Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah is a food writer, published author, board certified health coach, nutritionist, mom of two, and an advocate for healthy, clean eating for individuals and families. Her work has garnered nationwide attention as she has been featured on, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, Reader’s Digest, CNN, Food Network, SELF, Glamour, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, Whole Foods, SHAPE, and at Kaiser Permanente. Anjali grew up a “whole wheat” girl, but married a “white bread” kind of guy. Hoping to prove that nutritious food could in fact be delicious and desirable, she taught herself how to cook and successfully transformed her husband’s eating habits from a diet of frozen pizzas and Taco Bell to her healthy, yet flavorful recipes made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Anjali’s programs are focused on teaching individuals and families how to make healthy choices and pick the right foods at the grocery store for either weight loss or overall wellness and maintenance. After becoming a mom, Anjali expanded her programs to include strategies and techniques to combat picky eating in kids of all ages. Anjali started The Picky Eater in 2011 to make healthy food accessible, tasty, easy to make at home, and picky-eater proof. Get her Free 7 day plan for clean eating here and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.