Tuned in, Deeply Connected, and Emotionally Overwhelmed: Integrative Energy Healer April Walker on Understanding and Honoring Empaths


 Do you know someone who is highly sensitive to and sometimes absorbs the emotions, physical symptoms or energy of other people? You might know an empath! In this week’s episode, Susan talks with Integrative Energy Healer April Walker about using energy to overcome barriers for healing, and the gifts and struggles of being an empath.

Meet This Episode's Guest


April Walker

April Walker, MA is an internationally recognized Master Healer, Mentor, and Life Wellness Coach. As an intuitive empath, professor and Integrative Energy Therapist known for her transformative healing experiences and educational mentorship programs, 

April has mentored, trained, and worked compassionately alongside thousands of people around the world, many are employed in the service of others: physicians, health care workers, managers, administrative support staff, first responders, veterinarians, yoga teachers, photographers, writers and parents. Helping others to experience less suffering and live a more balanced, happy life is April’s life passion. April helps empaths clear debilitating emotional baggage, release limiting beliefs, identify authentically with who they really are, and courageously lead more balanced, satisfying lives.


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April’s Empath Power Program will begin May 1st, this is a once a year chance to participate in an 11 week online program that will change the life of any Empath. The program effectively clears underlying imbalances and provides tools and techniques to increase your vibration and heal. Olga says: "This program is a must! It is a necessary tool to understand what it is to be an Empath and how to deal with the everyday issues and feelings that we go through, meet other Empaths, and most importantly, how to heal yourself and remain balanced in our world of muggles!" Olga says she now feels much more confident in who she is and much more confidential on how to protect herself and her daughter. She feels lighter, vibrant and fabulous.

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