Align, Heal, Rejuvenate: Active Functional Healing with Paul Wirth

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Rolfing®. What’s is it? How does it work? Why is it helpful? And why is this weeks’ guest Paul Wirth so passionate about it? Find out the answers to these questions in more in this week’s episode!

Meet This Episode's Guest

Paul Wirth

Paul Wirth uses Rolfing® Structural Integration, craniosacral work, and visceral manipulation to relieve pain and help people feel taller, stronger, and more aligned and alive.

Rolfing works with the fascial system of the body to effect incremental and lasting change in the way the body organizes itself and its movements.

Paul's work is founded on recruiting the body's own ability to self-organize and reorganize. He sees the body not as a soft machine but as an intelligent organism that constantly makes skillful choices in a web of inner and outer relationships. Paul is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ through the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute.

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