Living a Holistic Life With Taryn L. Kennedy

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Taryn L. Kennedy, Associate Producer & Director of Online Media for In the Balance talks with Susan in our continuing series "Meet The Team."

“It’s important to have a plan and it’s important to be flexible with a plan.” Taryn’s peripatetic career path supports this wisdom. Acting and theatre called to her in the beginning, opening the door to TV/Radio production and then lighting design. A fear of heights and a desire for a steady paycheck led her into the male dominated world of an energy company, where she climbed the ranks to responsibility and leadership. A longing to travel ultimately took her to Australia, where a love of learning (she’s on her third degree) and a continual commitment to live a holistic life has immersed her in the study of nutritional medicine.

Meet This Episode's Guest

Taryn L. Kennedy


Taryn is the Associate Producer and Director for Online Media for In the Balance. She has been working with Susan in various capacities for 6 years and is honored and thrilled to be a part of the In the Balance team. 

In addition to her work at In the Balance, Taryn is currently studying for her Bachelor's of Science specializing in Nutritional Medicine in Brisbane, Australia. She is also part of a pilot program in primary schools that teaches kids about food. Her interest in nutrition, how food is produced, and how food affects the body started over 11 years ago after reading the book, The Food Revolution by John Robbins. 

Taryn also loves to travel and has lived in New York, Arizona, Chile, and Australia.


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