The search for balance invites us to dive into the unknown ~  to examine and question our thoughts, feelings and actions ~ to learn how to nurture our bodies, minds and hearts in practical ways.

Acquiring wholeness in this way can help us be more present in every aspect of love, work, play and spirit. It can gift us with more compassion and a clearer way to navigate the complexities of life.

I believe in the courage of every single person who dives into the deep and embarks on this physical, psychological and spiritual journey toward wholeness. I look forward to exploring ways to help bring balance into our lives ~ I’m excited to take the next step with you.



Want to live a more balanced, buoyant and compassionate life?
Join us!

In the Balance is a new podcast featuring in-depth conversations about nurturing the body, mind and heart in today's world.

Therapist and artist Susan Lambert welcomes peers, experts and leaders from diverse backgrounds/ all walks of life who will share their experiences of working, loving, and playing with their entire, integrated, holistic, human selves.

These inspiring discussions will encourage, inspire, give practical ideas and insightful ways to achieve balance, buoyancy and energy! We welcome your input and would love to hear about your own personal experience finding balance.



About Susan

Susan is a licensed psychotherapist, teacher and spiritual practitioner whose successful 22-year private practice includes cognitive-behaviorial, insight-oriented and mindfulness approaches with a diverse clientele of all ages.

After gaining advanced degrees in psychotherapy from New York University and in teaching arts from University of the Arts, she began her journey to integrate psychological study with spiritual practice and the arts. The mantra underscoring her path has always been ‘learn and grow with curiosity and focus using the mind, body and heart to thrive in everyday life!'  This is what she shares with others. 

Susan is at the forefront of creating group workshops which are accessible and relevant in their scope and she is consistently expanding the reach of her practice with individuals into the global community through Skype therapy, online courses and live seminars. 

Susan’s studies in yoga and Buddhist dharma, her travels throughout the world, and her immersion in working with people from different cultures continually inspire her life’s work of helping others bring their inner selves to vibrant health and buoyancy. 

She is grateful to all her teachers, mentors and colleagues for their inspiration and life lessons!!


Susan Lambert
LCSW • Podcast Host • 

405 East 54th Street 12L
New York, NY 10022

(917) 858-9948

Meet the In the Balance Team

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Walker Vreeland


Walker Vreeland is an award-winning monologist and radio personality, producer, writer, actor, singer and voice over artist. As a radio personality, he is best known for having hosted The Afternoon Show on 102.5 WBAZ-FM on Long Island, and as the creator and host of the podcast Interview with the Artist. He is also the author and star of his autobiographical one man show From Ship to Shape, and producer of In the Balance

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Taryn L. Kennedy

Associate Producer & Director of Online Media

Taryn L. Kennedy is currently living in Brisbane, Australia while studying for her Bachelor's of Science specializing in Nutritional Medicine. She has been working with Susan in various capacities for 6 years and is honored to be a part of the In the Balance team. 

Taryn also loves to travel and has lived in New York, Arizona, Chile, and Australia.