Self Care for the New Year


The beginning of the year is upon us already. It is a time of celebration and love, community and connection. It is also a time when we can feel some overwhelming feelings like anxiety, loneliness, some seasonal depression, possible financial stress and feeling like we are surrounded by expectations. This time of year can often bring up old wounds and memories, and we may be mourning losses, recent or in the distant past. Maybe we struggle with change and the impending unknown of the new year.

We are all in the same boat! :)

It is important during this time of heightened emotions and senses, to remember what we care about, and investigate what protects and nurtures our spirit. 

Here are some basic self care tools that we might use:

  • Try to remember that everyone is doing their best, even if we disappoint each other at times.

  • Try to accept ourselves and others when we feel we are failing ourselves or others might be failing us. 

  • Try to forgive ourselves and others as much as we can. Forgiveness is like a beautiful cleanse, like an internal body scrub for the soul. Forgiveness, like compassion and gratitude, are food for our minds, for our hearts and for all relationships we have - with ourselves, with people close to us, with sentient beings, and with the planet. 

  • Try to get enough sleep. Sleep soothes the mind and brings me relief from whatever struggles may come at the end of this year and brings me energy for the next day. 

  • Take care of our bodies as much as possible through this time: drinking water, hot soups, teas and any festive food that is offered to us.

  • Remember to play nice, to share, to let things go, and to be like teflon if any little unkindesses comes our way!

  • Treat everyone around us with as much compassion as we can. 

  • Pet puppies. Play with kids. Cook. Bake. Watch great movies. Take naps. Go on adventures. Walk outdoors. 

  • Take quiet moments for yourself. Allow your thoughts to drift to beaches...mountains...favorite songs...anything that feels calming and peaceful to you.

  • Allow lots of hugs.

  • Allow the past to fall off lightly like feathers and breathe the future softly into your imagination.

  • Be as present as you can, and cherish these moments.

From me and my team at In the Balance, we wish you a year full of light, laughter, and love.



Susan Lambert