The Healing Power of Risk with Irene O'Garden


Susan talks with award winning writer, poet, playwright Irene O’Garden, about growing up surrounded by emotional distress, the power of finding our identity, witnessing love and acceptance, and using risk to heal and grow. 

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Irene O’Garden

Irene O’Garden has won or been nominated for prizes in nearly every writing category from stage to e-screen, hardcovers, children’s books as well as literary magazines and anthologies. Her critically-acclaimed play Women on Fire, (Samuel French) starring Judith Ivey, played sold-out houses at Off-Broadway’s Cherry Lane Theatre and was nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award. O’Garden was awarded a Pushcart Prize for her lyric essay “Glad to Be Human.” Her poems and essays have been featured in dozens of literary journals and award-winning anthologies. A seasoned and entertaining presenter both on stage and video, O’Garden has appeared at top literary venues including The Player’s Club, the Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poetry Café, and KGB in Manhattan; The Poetry Café, Mycennae House and Vinyl Deptford in London. She’s a regular contributor to 650―Where Writers Read, in New York City and Sarah Lawrence College, and has received several grants from Poets and Writers. Fulcrum: Selected Poems was published by Nirala Publications in 2017. Risking the Rapids is her upcoming memoir. O’Garden has lived joyfully for over 40 years with her husband John Pielmeier, who is most known for his play Agnes of God.

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The Passages We Make: Achievement Expert Julie Flanders on Change, Confidence and Reimagening Our Dreams

Julie Flanders teaches us how to recognise ourselves in new ways, helping us navigate the rocky passages of change, our personal unknowns, and find the well of creativity within ourselves - all so we can achieve and reinvent our dreams. 

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Julie Flanders

Julie Flanders is an expert in Creative Leadership, Self Expression, and Change. She provides creative business consulting, excellence training, whole-life coaching balanced lifestyle approaches and dream achievement.

She is also cofounder, songwriter, performer and producer for the influential band October Project.

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The Heart & Soul of Life, Yoga, and Transformation with Jen Kagan


In this episode, Iyengar yoga instructor Jennifer Kagan talks with Susan about the universality of loss and heartbreak, why it’s something we don’t talk about, and how we can use it to harness our compassion, courage and generosity. 

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Jennifer Kagan

Jennifer Kagan is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Therapist and Teacher. She grew up around yoga but only became interested when her work as a sign language interpreter caused repetitive injury. Her path led her to many different styles but gratefully guided her towards Iyengar yoga and her whole life changed.

Jennifer trained at the New York Institute of Iyengar yoga with Mary Dunn. Her teachers include Carrie Owerko, Laurie Blakeney, Mary Obendorfer, Eddy Marks, Devki Desai and Gulnaaz Dashti. And of course at the top of all these are the Iyengar Family in Pune, India where she studies every two years. 

Jennifer is currently at the Jr.2 level and a certified Iyengar Association of Yoga Therapist and serve on the Comité de Evaluacion in the National Association of Iyengar yoga (AMYI). She teaches classes in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.

Her passion is sharing the innumerable gifts of Iyengar yoga so that you can live a more healthful and vivacious life. 

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Cultivating the Soul in Every Aspect of Life with Thomas Moore


Susan talks with best-selling author, psychotherapist, former monk, and renaissance man Thomas Moore about the deepest work we can do - curating and cultivating the soul in our every day lives. Together they explore the sacredness of accepting who we are, and clarify the mysterious idea of the soul and our inner life.

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Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is the author of the number one New York Times bestseller Care of the Soul. He has written twenty-four other books about bringing soul to personal life and culture, deepening spirituality, humanizing medicine, finding meaningful work, imagining sexuality with soul and doing religion in a fresh way. In his youth he was a Catholic monk and studied music composition. He has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Syracuse University and was a university professor for a number of years. He is also a psychotherapist influenced mainly by C. G. Jung and James Hillman. In his work he brings together spirituality, mythology, depth psychology and the arts, emphasizing the importance of images and imagination. He often travels and lectures, hoping to help create a more soulful society. His family members are also deeply involved in spiritual approaches to the arts: His wife, Hari Kirin, is an accomplished painter and teaches a course she has created on Yoga and Art; his daughter Ajeet is a musician and recording artist and spiritual teacher; his stepson Abraham is an architect focusing on design related to the social aspects of building. Thomas also writes fiction, arranges music and plays golf in New Hampshire, where he has lived for twenty years.

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Find Your Own Story: Dr. Claudia Luiz on the New Psychoanalysis

Susan talks with psychoanalyst Dr. Claudia Luiz about finding our own stories through therapy. She believes the core and effectiveness of the therapeutic process is delving into the unconscious - to uncover it, explore it, and make it less intimidating and mysterious. “Listen for what is still unsaid,” she tells us, as a way to connect with those thoughts and feelings that drive us. Join her and Susan as they talk about using psychoanalysis to go on an emotional journey to find ourselves and our own stories. 

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Dr. Claudia Luiz

Dr. Claudia Sheftel-Luiz, Ed.M, Harvard University (1982), PsyaD, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis (1997) has been in private practice and serving as a consultant to profit and non-profit corporations for over 35 years.  A frequent contributor to news and radio shows, Dr. Luiz is the first-place winner of the 2006 Phyllis W. Meadow Award for Excellence in Psychoanalytic Writing (published in Modern Psychoanalysis) and first place winner of the 2008 Reader's Digest Best Writer's Website Award.  

Dr. Luiz’s latest book is an introductory textbook in psychoanalysis, written as a set of stories about treatment, called: "The Making of a Psychoanalyst: Studies in Emotional Education" (2018 Routledge Press.)   

New Books in Psychoanalysis called the book “a tour de-force poised to create a shift in the cultural consciousness” and the Journal of Modern Psychoanalysis called it “arguably the best lay book written about Modern Psychoanalysis.”

Dr. Luiz is on the faculty of the Academy for Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis in New Jersey, and lives in Tarrytown, NY with her husband John Luiz, a writer, with whom she shares two college-age daughters. 


Dr. Claudia Luiz can be reached at

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Practical Spirituality with Urban Priestess Barbara Biziou


2018 has officially drawn to a close and we are welcoming and embracing 2019 with Barbara Biziou, a modern day “urban priestess.” In this insightful episode, she discusses powerful rituals, setting intentions, gathering tools, and opening our hearts as we go through our endings and beginnings. 

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Barbara Biziou

Barbara Biziou is a former television and fashion executive who left her corporate career nearly 20 years ago, when she realized her larger calling was to enrich others with the intelligence she amassed from her global travels and deep, meaningful work with gurus and spiritual masters. Something of an “urban priestess,” her practice as a transfomational catalyst, leader, and spiritual life coach motivates clients to live to their fullest potential and drives seismic makeovers, inside and out.

The two-time author (The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals) has synthesized the perfect mix of ancient modalities and neuropsychology with a contemporary point of view. “I call my work ritual fusion,” explains Biziou, whose offerings include immersive workshops, one-on-one guidance, custom rituals (weddings, fertility, finding love, healing, space clearings, theater blessings and prosperity & success), and corporate consulting, where she brings meditation, spirituality, communication exercises and emotional intelligence to offices around the world.

Barbara’s client roster includes the International Red Cross, Coca-Cola, Equinox Gym, Morgan Stanley, Lord & Taylor, Daryl Roth Productions, Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and Weight Watchers. She has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and She has also appeared on television shows on CBS, NBC, FX and the Hallmark Channel.

Her personal spiritual practice and studies began over 30 years ago with Native American elders, who taught her traditions that transcend time. From India, Bali and Hawaii to South America, the Celtic lands of Northern Europe and more, Barbara Biziou has woven together a mélange of belief systems and techniques with a personal touch that gives others the tools to bring their desires to life.

Barbara Biziou lives in New York City and works around the world.

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Parenting in the Present: Teodora Pavkovic on Technology, Family, & Relationships

Teodora Pavkovich is an international traveler and a voracious learner. She is a person who strives to build community wherever she goes through connection, healing, teaching, and being 100% present. Currently her work is centered around the world of parents and children, and how they can thrive in this modern world of technology.

Meet This Episode's Guest

Teodora Pavkovic

Teodora Pavkovic is a New York-Singapore-based psychologist and parenting coach with over a decade of international experience helping both children and adults improve their emotional and mental well-being.

Her unique approach draws from the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)emotional intelligencepositive neuroplasticity,interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory as well as Strategic Intervention Coaching, and she uses research-based tools to help her clients lead fulfilling and intentional lives.

Teodora’s mission is to ensure that children have available at least one parent or guardian who can satisfy their needs for safety, connection, attention and encouragement - the pillars of healthy child development. Parenting is the ultimate challenge a person can face, but parenting in the age of technology is a whole other endeavor!

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