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“I believe in the power of working in mind, body and heart connection. Sharing our experiences through group work with others is profound, enlightening, and fulfilling. Come join us!” ~ Susan

"My path in Theatre and Yoga have led me to become a human learner, life-lover: seduced by culture, human behavior, actions, and health." ~ Sofía


Susan Lambert and Sofia Duran come from different cultures and different generations. As friends and colleagues they have discovered the power of connection and the strength of relationships rooted in growth and truth.

After years of working with the mind, body, and the arts in different parts of the world, they are coming together for the first time to offer a series of workshops, retreats, and intensives that use discussion, movement, body work, and creativity to support the practice of mindful living while navigating within today’s fast-paced global world.

Retreats and workshops often center on topics such as, but not limited to: Anger, Anxiety, Body and Mind Alignment, Later Life Challenges, Renewing Artistic Purpose, Food and Film, Monologues From Our Inner Selves and Literature, Movement and Sound to Wake Up Our Voices and Bodies, and more!

Susan and Sofia invite you to join them in honoring, practicing and working with humanity’s core values of kindness, compassion, and love.


October 5th - 8th, 2018 RENEW, STRENGTHEN, ALIGN!

As the season changes and we move into the crispness of autumn, let’s transition with Ease, Joy! and Strength towards the New. Join us on Fire Island for a women's only beautiful Fall weekend of YOGA, CREATIVE DISCUSSION, and MEDITATION.

Breathe deeply and exercise your mind-body alignment, feel your fundamental core, and tap into the power of focus and creativity, all while you enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the sky. Each day: Morning yoga, creative discussion, and afternoon of downtime for walks on the beach, lunch, R&R, and optional massage and consultation with Sofia or Susan. Late afternoon meditation, stretching and daily wrap up and evenings free.

Tuition: $200; Optional massage and private consults with Susan and/or Sofia on request and for an additional fee.

For more information, daily schedule and links to lodging, please contact Susan at susan.lambert76@gmail.com

Saturday, October 13, 2018

10 AM - 2 PM : ANXIETY

Anxiety. It's universal. We all have it. And for many of us, it's interfering with our daily lives. This half day workshop will explore, unpack and address anxiety through discussion, restorative yoga poses, creative exercises and meditation. Learn how to soothe, reduce, and manage anxiety; with practice, rituals, and developing a powerful toolbox!

2:30 PM - 6:30 PM : Navigating the Road to Change

The Earth spins, seasons change, years pass by and we shift into new phases in life, new challenges, but ultimately new opportunities.  How do we react to change? Where do we stand upon the arrival of change? This half day workshop will explore change and how we can deal with it in our everyday lives; we will exercise mind, body, and heart in relation to this inevitable circumstance.


Location: Midtown, Manhattan

Workshop fees: $65 for one workshop, $100 for both


Sunday, October 14, 2018


Anger, one of the strongest feelings we experience in life, exists for a reason. But anger can be a difficult emotion to manage. This 3 hour workshop will explore ways of communicating and expressing anger through creative improvs and journaling, and learning yoga poses to ground ourselves in those heated moments.

Location: Midtown, Manhattan

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm

Workshop fee: $65

Combine a workshop from Saturday October 13th, and pay only $100 for both!

October 26 - 28, 2018 Dinner & A Movie

Stretch! Watch! Cook! Eat! Converse! Repeat! Join us for a unique weekend retreat centered around food, film, yoga and creative discussion.

We will be spending the weekend at Twin Ponds, a private estate in Garrison, NY (1 hr from NYC). Against a backdrop of breathtaking nature on endless acres of land and quiet, we will practice gentle yoga, watch films, then cook, dine, relax and discuss the films, sharing our thoughts and feelings about the films, opening the space for what we’ve experienced and inviting it to enrich our lives. .

Tuition: Special Early Bird Price! Register before October 18th and pay only $225 for commuters, $200 for boarders!

After October 18: $325 for commuters. $225 for boarders. Lodging at Twin Ponds available as well as in Garrison for non local participants. Optional massage and private consults with Susan, Sofia, Claude or Suzanne on request and for an additional fee.

For a more detailed schedule, information, daily schedule and links to lodging, please contact Susan at susan.lambert76@gmail.com



Susan Lambert

Susan is a licensed psychotherapist, teacher and spiritual practitioner whose successful 25 - year private practice has included cognitive, insight-oriented and mindfulness approaches with a diverse clientele of all ages.

After gaining advanced degrees in psychotherapy from New York University and in teaching arts from University of the Arts, she began her journey to integrate psychological study with spiritual practice & the arts.

Susan is at the forefront of creating group workshops which are accessible and relevant in their scope and she is consistently expanding the reach of her practice with individuals into the global community through online courses and live seminars. She is also the creator and host of the popular podcast In the Balance: Connecting Mind, Body & Heart since May 2017.



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Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Sofía claims that her biography does not begin or end with her training degrees, accomplishments and/or whereabouts. She’d rather state that at 35 she is woman who believes in the beauty of the world and its people. A curious woman who strives for light and health.  “I love human beings, I love bodies, I love hearts, I love minds.”

Her life-path begins in her hometown in Chile with a BA in Acting. She explored and fell in love with Shakespeare in Oxford, UK, and later spent 3 intense years in NYC getting her Masters in Acting and solidifying her passion for Yoga becoming a Yoga Alliance certified instructor. A lifelong teacher and learner she became an artistic educator in a New York City public school and a renown international school in Chile--  Her teaching centered mostly in the areas of theatre and dance.


Click here for Sofia's interview  on In the Balance

Our Additional Collaborators Include:

Claude Kerven - filmmaker & home chef

Claude Kerven - filmmaker & home chef

William Antoniou - composer

William Antoniou - composer

Suzanne Pearse - life coach

Suzanne Pearse - life coach

For detailed information, schedules and questions answered, please contact Susan at susan.lambert76@gmail.com