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Sarah Burrill

Sarah brings to her music and performance a depth and passion that is nothing short of contagious. Whether she is belting out a blues, caressing the melody of a delicate love song, encouraging social consciousness and change or singing about her pajamas, it is an experience that inspires courage, strength and hope. She does all of this while creating atmosphere of playfulness and spontaneity that is disarming and uniquely Sarah. It takes no time at all to understand she is here to have fun and brings her audience right along with her. 

 A nationally acclaimed artist she has performed throughout the country and has opened for many well known artists including Jesse Colin Young, Patty Larkin, Richard Shindell and Ferron. Her amazing lyrics and vocal expertise put her at the forefront of performers in the folk/rock genre. She has recorded with Ric Okasek, released an EP with her then band Uncertain Terms and her early nineties CD “ Stained Glass" received national air play and rave reviews. 

 Sarah released "If By Chance" in 2006. It was played on folk station and folk radio shows nationally and received positive reviews.

 After decades on the shelf Sarah finally released her "Eighties Greatest Hit" in 2010. It's a wonderful collection of song that fits right in with anyone favorite eighties collection!

Her music has been described as both introspective and light-hearted. Her art is life affirming. Her performance is a celebration that is not to be missed.