“Connecting Makes My Heart Sing:” A Conversation with the Visionary Laurie Meadoff


Laurie Meadoff envisions a world without Barriers and Prejudices. From the beginning she was drawn to the power of the arts ~ giving form to feeling, understanding a viewpoint, a story, by walking the shoes, by being that person. She observed how people put down preconceived notions and ideas when they got into a creative space together. Creativity moves us across borders, around barriers, through prejudices ~ “Humanity walks in the room and things shift” ~ Laurie believes in the ‘infinite possibilities’ and her work inspires us with its call to move into Action.

Meet This Episode's Guest

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Laurie was Executive Producer and content developer for The American Grandparents Association producing a 13 part PBS series called Feel Grand with Jane Seymour focusing on health and well being. She also produced a web series with Deepak Chopra called Timeless You. Additionally, Laurie was nominated for an Emmy in 2016 as an Executive Producer for The World Cup of Hip Hop, a groundbreaking online global music competition
which was nominated in the ‘Original Interactive Programming’ category. Laurie also consulted for Playing Forward, a Tech company producing interactive and social emotional learning content for kids' entertainment and she helped launch The Vroom. Laurie Inc. and Team makes vital connections for businesses and community engagement strategies.

Laurie served as CEO of Cancer Schmancer, a groundbreaking women’s Health Advocacy organization founded by actress Fran Drescher. Laurie’s innovative work on behalf of women included the creation of Trash Cancer home parties produced by Humana focused on prevention, which reached over 28,000 people. Laurie also worked with her team to create Fran Vans, which screened women in need in both NYC and LA.

Laurie consulted for The Goldie Hawn Foundation with strategic planning for the launch of their social emotional learning program, MindUP. There, Laurie assembled the organization’s board, designed the marketing strategy, and produced a major fundraiser in New York City that resulted in palpable success for the Foundation.

Laurie Meadoff

Laurie Meadoff is CEO of Laurie Inc. and Team, a company designed to innovate connect and activate brands and media from around the world. With extensive experience in executive production, resourceful collaboration, and strategic planning, Laurie masterfully uses her vast network to build bridges and devise projects with significant and resounding societal influence.

Recently Laurie launched Authentik Inc with partners Tony
Krantz and Derrick Ashong. Authentik Inc is an innovation firm based out of NY and LA. Authentik Inc helps top brands stay culturally and socially relevant for the next generation. The team of world-class producers, change agents and millennials work with businesses to revolutionize meaning, message and impact.

As CEO of Chat Ventures, she executive produced programming for Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, ABC, HBO Family, MTV and VH1 and a host of international broadcasters. In addition to overseeing creative and strategic vision for the company, Laurie then formulated Chat the Planet, a global dialogue initiative committed to using media and online dialogue tools as a means of breaking down barriers reaching 350 million homes worldwide. As a part of this endeavor, Laurie co-created and executive produced the Webby award-winning series Hometown
Baghdad, which reached three million web viewers in the first week and aired on The Sundance Channel and National Geographic International in long form. With experience filming in South Africa, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Australia, and Jordan, Laurie’s ability to imaginatively and insightfully capture a diverse range of subjects is exemplified. Laurie has spoken globally and was a part of Cultural Diplomacy panels’ for the Brookings Institute in Doha for three years along with speaking in engagements in Hong Kong and India.

Consulting for the Dali Lama’s Connection for Change event, Laurie developed and produced Dinner Dialogues
as a grass roots engagement tool for people to host salons targeted on the theme of wellness. She also helped
produce major events for Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for the New Humanity for several years bringing the world’s
top leaders together for shared dialogue. Also, as a consultant for The Harold P Freeman Institute she was
essential in furthering the mission of Patient Navigation through partnerships with Accenture Strive and other
corporate and grass roots partnerships.

Laurie is the Founder and President Emeritus of The CityKids Foundation. Founded in 1985, The CityKids Foundation has worked to engage and motivate young people from diverse demographics to positively impact their lives, their communities and the world using their voices.